My Favorite BBQ Wings

Chicken wings are great! and here’s a funny encounter I had with a restaurateur; first, I’m going to give you some info about my favorite wing stops and then I’ll tell you what happened to me that had me on the floor laughing.

Admittedly though, I’m not fond of the buffalo wings. The buffalo wing sauce, at least around here, is more of the orange vinegary sauce (if that’s a valid word, I’ll let it ride for now). I don’t like it. But there are some spots around town that are starting to use funky sauces (which I like) on their chicken wings.

Having tried a number of places and found two that I like quite a bit. One is close to where I live, it’s the Wing Coop on Redwood Road and 4100 South. The other, which is closer to where I work, The Wing Shak, in American Fork. I can’t give you the address because I don’t pay much attention, I’m usually in doped daze getting to the restaurant and don’t really care what the address is, just as long as if I’m a stupor of hunger, my muscle reflexes kick in and get me there without having to be conscious of the event.

Well, I love The Wing Shak for its Pineapple BBQ sauce. I like The Wing Coop better for it’s variety of good sauces. The Honey Habenero, the new Tatanka BBQ, and the regular BBQ. Awesome.

The Funny Part

I went to The Wing Coop last week and asked for a 10 piece wings with Honey Habenero sauce. A little chit-chat with the cashier led me to tell him about this other store. He sounded intersted to know about it and he said, “Can you give me the address, I’d like to do a renaissance mission to the restaurant. I do those renaissance missions to couple of places in town so we know what we’re up against for competition.” I said, “Sure, I can’t give you the exact address but …”, and I proceeded to tell him what I remember of it’s location.

It took me a sec because I wasn’t quite sure what part of his statement made me wonder, what does his visit to other restaurants have to do with history and revival of arts and architecture, etc; so it didn’t quite sound right. I answered him without hesitation and my sub-conscious began working out the problem behind his statement. I then realized what he intended to say and without making him feel out of place, I repeated what he said as if that’s what he meant to say in the first place.

I said, “Well, I’m glad I could give you the information to be able to go on your reconnisance mission.” He didn’t skip a beat and repeated as well, “Yea, the reconnisance mission.”

I left with a great chuckle … and my taste buds drooling to start devouring fresh-hot-out-of-the-cooker wings. Yummy, and funny.

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