Blackberry 8100 OS Upgrade (Part Duex)

Well, here it goes again. It’s been almost seven months to the day since I performed my last blackberry upgrade. What a champ of a phone. I have dropped it numerous times, installed a few new apps, and have run it through the “data ringer”. I use it so much and have put it through so much that it’d be tough to go to another type of phone ever again! It’s great.

I bought a new memory upgrade and I will discuss adding the new card into the phone further in the post.

I’m on the T-Mobile Blackberry 8100 with version v4.2.1.107 (platform It’s now time to look at the website I told you about before to see if there is a new updated. Go here ( and find your phone model.

At this time, there is no new update. So I’ll describe now my experience adding the new card, follow this link to get to the post.

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