Greg L. Wright

Kendra L. Wright

IT Consultant
Freelance Photographer
Salt Lake City, Utah
Phone: 801.815.5689
Email: greg(at)

Greg Self Portrait

Certified Nursing Assistant
Freelance Photographer
Salt Lake City, Utah
Phone: 801.755.9194
Email: kendra(at)

Kendra Self Portrait

Greg L. Wright – I love computers and photography. For many years I have been involved with technology, since I was young. Gadgets are always in my possession to evaluate and know them and have experience enough to help and train other on how to use them.

Kendra L. Wright – I love singing, performing, sports, and the outdoors. I love helping and serving people. I am available for freelance contract work as a semi-professional photographer.

Our Commitment

As we strive to be experts in our fields and hobbies, we help people by providing creative solutions to problems. We can fix most any problem; we are so confident, we ask you “try us” … we offer the following services:

  • Objective advice such as an independent critique on how customers and prospects perceive your business image, communications and messages.
  • A technical consultant that can offer a solution and advice that surrounds new technology and ideas.
  • Web site strategist that helps to draw in and retain customers.
  • Independent opinion for a new look at a business problem that will have people admiring your efforts.
  • Direction and implementation: technology direction coupled with the ability to provide the tools and strategy to implement the solution.
  • Creative business materials from a perspective that combines print/web technology with personality and a friendly and unique style.
  • Meaningful content that attracts visitors to your web site so they will stick around to read and revisit in the future.
  • A partner with proven success and that your clients and prospects will recognize and respect.

Technology & Hosting

We have been involved with computers and Information Technology and photgraphy for over 25 years. There have been countless ups and downs, failures and successes, which has helped to realize and gain knowledge about what boundaries and possibilities exist. This has only come from pushing those boundaries and breaking down barriers to make unimaginable things happen. We’re learning new things everyday keeping up with the standards and new technologies.

We’re am happy to offer our experience in technology, photography, and digital art to help businesses grow and mature.

Photography & Graphic Design

We’re avid photographers and have pursued many opportunities to capture memorable moments. Putting them on public and private display. We have sought to excel in many areas with only the finest expectations and amounts of detail. We associate with people that are extremely talented and know what they’re doing … that makes up our strategy of the company to be successful and profitable. It is to provide exceptional service and products that are above average.

With this incessant attention to detail we wish to settle for nothing less than the best. You can bet you will receive the same output on your project as we take ownership with our own endeavors. With this, at a moment’s notice, we can surprisingly capture a moment of divine creativity. We pursue the most adventurous and challenging avenues in both my career and personal life.

Our life-long life motto in business is “a job is as good as you make it”.  It always drives our ambitious sides and elevates us to many surprising heights with nothing short of awe-inspiring rewards and results.

Where it all started

For Greg, his parents have always been advocates of technology, the arts, and sports. Early in his youth he was involved with, and attended many concerts, plays, and sporting events. Going to the symphony was always difficult at first, but realized how much the music was soothing and helpful to an over-active child. It brought balance and peace to many areas of his life.

He was encouraged to play a musical instrument (drums and saxophone). He was involved with soccer early on in his childhood. His dad bought an Atari 400 back then and, well… he has enjoyed programming computers, designing software, creating solutions, and playing games (without hesitation).

Many events have led up to what he knows to do and the feelings run deep and strong in what he wants to accomplish. While playing soccer in High School, a news photographer attended one of his games and took photographs of the players while on the field. He presented them to the team and Greg’s parents bought them. He never had seen himself play before and the family didn’t have long lens equipment to get great close-up shots. He vowed after this time that he would “pay it forward” and help others to have the same great reward.

The only thing he wouldn’t want to pay back is the $300 phone bill he racked up when spending nights/hours on CompuServe downloading stuff and surfing Bulleting Board Systems (BBS, and being a SysOp). Boy those were the days.

There have always been opportunities to help others with computers. We have excelled with computers our entire life and these gifts were identified early and helped to narrow our career focus. Nothing feels better than knowing exactly what can be accomplished and what to achieve; most importantly that helping others is a very fulfilling reward.

Give us a call to see what we can do for you.