BlackBerry Curve 8320 Bluetooth

My wife bought the Blackberry Curve 8320 this weekend and is just loving it. She had the older model from four years ago; the one with the dial and back button on the right side, those buttons gave out. After four years, that’s awesome! … way to go RIM! You’re making an awesome product! We’re staying with you. Keep it up.

Now, she wanted me to get some music ringtones on her Blackberry and I have a Mac. So this information is based on the BB 8320 and a MacBook. Also, this tutorial does NOT condone copying music or anything illegal. But is intended to just be a tutorial. Be polite and purchase your music. Give respect to those artists that do their work. It’s best to keep in mind that if you feel it might be wrong, it probably is.

Well, my wife wanted some ringtones. So using my Macbook I decided to give her samples. After I made 0:35 second snippets from some our favorite tunes in our CD library collection, I wanted to get them to her device. Now of course, I have a Mac (and a Windows machine, but I like my Mac better), so we’ll stay on the Mac platform; however, it is about the same process for Windows.

For this tutorial I’ll refer to the Blackberry 8320 as SnapJagBB and the Mac as SnapJagMac; because it’s easier to follow the instructions with these names. It’s what you’ll have to search for. Note: This process can also be followed with the Blackberry 8100.

  1. Engage the Bluetooth on the SnapJagBB
    1. Go to Blackberry Dashboard | Bluetooth Setup | Menu | Add Device | Select SnapJagMac
    2. Start pairing to the SnapJagMac from the SnapJagBB
    3. Enter the PIN on the SnapJagBB that will be typed in to the SnapJagMac when asked, it doesn’t matter when four-digit pin you use, so just go with “1111”
  2. Engage the Bluetooth on the SnapJagMac if it isn’t already
    1. On SnapJagMac, type in the pin, “1111”, as a response from the SnapJagBB
    2. The pairing will now be complete
  3. On SnapJagMac, go to the Applications | Utilities and start the Bluetooth File Transfer utility
  4. On SnapJagBB, go to the BB Dashboard | Media | Ringtones | Media Card (or other large media storage to receive the file from SnapJagMac) | Menu | Receive Using Bluetooth
  5. On SnapJagMac, send a file using Bluetooth, in the dialog, pick the M4A music snippet. Note: keep the name of the file smaller rather than longer because that’s what will show up in your menus on the BB and that can be a pain. Click to send the file.
  6. On SnapJagBB, accept all the dialogs to accept the file and storage location.
  7. Done.

Setup your ringtone. Which I can explain in another post.

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