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We love taking photographs. Especially sports and a wide range of events and concerts. Check out our photos at our full service …

Are the rules in your favor?

Know the boundaries of applicable rules and use wisdom and reason to know when the rules need to be kept to maintain order.

Twilight New Moon Experience

Attend the biggest national Twilight event in Salt Lake City by Team Alice. Visit to see The New Moon Experience!

Flickr Badge

At times you’d like to use your flickr photostream to feed your blog or other website. If you follow this link,, …

Active-Alert Tendencies

Active-alert is a fair analysis of someone’s activity that begins, accelerates, and continues throughout the entire day without a great degree of …

Welcome to SnapJag Blogs

Welcome to the blog of SnapJag and the world of photography, computers, and digital photo processing. As many of you know me, …