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Concert: Muse

The concert for Muse was good. I didn’t stay for the entire concert, but was there for the first three songs as …

SQL Server Best Practices

There is nothing better than knowing exactly what needs to be done to get the best results from your technology. Especially from …

What is Zipping Files?

Compress files into a smaller format for transport via email, thumb-drive, or for storage. This is by bundling and reducing the size of the original files. This will not harm the original content, and can help to increase space. Some files can not be compressed, like JPG photos. But others are great for compression, like document files.

Are the rules in your favor?

Know the boundaries of applicable rules and use wisdom and reason to know when the rules need to be kept to maintain order.

Twilight New Moon Experience

Attend the biggest national Twilight event in Salt Lake City by Team Alice. Visit to see The New Moon Experience!

Customizing a Windows Theme

Ever want to create a new theme for your desktop? Microsoft offers great instructions to accomplish this. All you need is: An …

Dreamspark Opportunity Extended

The opportunity for students just got a little sweeter. It used to be that under the Dreamspark program, college students wanting to …