Dreamspark Opportunity Extended

The opportunity for students just got a little sweeter. It used to be that under the Dreamspark program, college students wanting to get their feet wet in programming, could signup for the program and receive some of Microsoft’s flagship programming applications for free! Yes, free! When did Microsoft ever offer something for free. Well, they got close … it is free … however, they simply want to make sure the offer is being provided to the right market group. Students.

The sweet spot just hit by offering this now not to just College students, but now High School students. In the grades from 9 through 12. The “very small” catch is that the students must go through a few “small” hoops to get it.  I would highly advise that anyone in school from grade 9 to college look into this … it’s great. The students in High School will need to have the assistance of a school representative to make the requests, download the keys, and download the software for the student, but that’s a small price to pay for the really small price to start getting into programming.

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