TwilightMOMs Event On B98.7

Both of SnapJag Creative Designs hosted sites are receiving special attention today … and

Kirsten Wright was on the radio this morning at 8:30 AM with B98.7 of Salt Lake City, Utah and Mitch Hansen from the Mitch Hansen band. The Mitch Hansen band is the premier Twilight band that tours the country attending events, promotionals, and performing concerts. A great band with great music!

If you listen to the radio at 8:30 AM this morning you will hear the special events that will be out on in the valley at the Expo Center.

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Revealed is the New Moon Experience on November 19th and continuing through the 20th. There are packages to purchase which include a deluxe package with a concert ticket, music CD, SWAG and more. Check out their site to find out how to order your ticket today.

Congratulations to two of our hosted sites.

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