Morgan Funeral Ceremony Photos

It was a tragic time in the life of some close friends who unfortunately lost their four month old daughter. It as an accident that could probably have been avoided, but nontheless occurred and had to be dealt with on a day by day basis. Having been asked to take some photos of the family and the funeral services was bitter sweet request. It’s an unfortunate event and at the same time a precious opportunity to capture a family coming together to witness the respect and ceremonial services of a loved one.

We love and support you in your efforts, knowing that God is keeping Morgan safe in his arms awaiting the return of others to live forever in peace.

This is the gallery of the services, so if you are a family member, you will have a password to see the entire set of photos. If you aren’t, sorry, but the privacy of the family is foremost on this solem occaision. We will though provide you with a sample.

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