Laughter and Caricatures

Everyone, I mean, everyone has seen a caricature and laughed. If you haven’t, you may have no sense of humor. Looking at caricatures could be a true test if you have a sense of humor. One confirmed and scientifically certified by Ren and Stimpy. =) Well, they aren’t any real certifiable people, but they do have a cartoonish caricature appearance.What are caricatures? They are a depiction of a person or thing that has been exaggerated to accentuate the prominent features of their face, body, or a perspective that stands out has more than anything else.

It’s like putting exclamation points all over the things that you can’t stop staring at. It’s making sure you got a really good look because you can’t believe what you just saw. It’s trying not to laugh and still be respectful. There are so many wonderful, successful, and intelligent people that have said, including me sometimes, that “if you can’t laugh at yourself, your a [moron]”.

Being creative takes a different kind of thinking; I almost wrote “a different kind of person”, but didn’t want to sound cliché. Anyone can be creative. You have to step out of reality and look in a magnifying glass, chuckle, and get back in the ring. Then it comes time to translate this into something that everybody would love to say, but doesn’t want to get into trouble with someone, or stand out in the crowd.

Making a difference in the world requires standing out in the crowd. It’s not meant to be rude, or condescending, or cruel. It means being polite, sensitive, respectful and yet being able to laugh at things that are out of place and unique to see. Seeing things out of place makes you human. It makes our life experience seem less normal.

The point is … enjoy life, laugh at yourself, enjoy your accentuated features. Please, help me to welcome someone that I think I am going to like for a very long time. Joe Bluhm. I have just ordered two books from the Art Squared Publishing company, one of them from Joe and I think they will be very, very funny. I am going to compile a listing of some of the funniest caricatures I find. Enjoy.

Sylvester Stallone George Clooney Arnold
Harrison Ford John Travolta

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