WRT54GS Router has FTP upload problem

Setting the stage: I have a website for my business (http://www.snapjag.com), a shameless plug, but worth expressing the problem and the help here … which I use to promote my photography, creative design, and consulting business. I will update the site frequently with the results of recent photo events and opportunities.

Just a little while ago, I’m not quite sure when, I started to experience a problem when where when I upload the changes and the progress reaches between 5 or 50 files, out of hundreds, the upload stalls. I either use my website publishing software or straightforward FTP client and I have the same results. This has been very frustrating because I haven’t been able to upload my own or any of my clients websites.

I contacted my hosting company without improvement. I also contacted my internet provider without improvement.

I decided to take the Linksys WRT54GS router out of the equation and hardwire to it and voila. It worked uploading the entire site. Listed below are the attributes of the wireless router and equipment.

  • MacBook with MAC OS 10.4
  • WRT54GS Wireless Router
    • Firmware version: 7.50.2 (get updates here)
    • Rest from hard-reset (pressing the Reset button in the back for more than 10 seconds)
    • Connect to the router (
    • Supply at least the Router Name
    • No other changes except clicking on the DHCP Renew to be able to connect to the internet through hard-wire.
    • Wireless has been disabled temporarily.
  • Secure FTP or Filezilla

I took a number of steps to resolve the issue and find out what is going wrong. Here’s what I eventually figured out.

First, GoDaddy.com was broken. When I called them, they denied anything being wrong. A few days later. It was working.

Second, I swapped out my WRT54GS for a Mac Airport. Awesome! If you haven’t changed to a Mac Airport wireless N, you’re missing out!!

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