Error while reverse engineering Oracle 10g with Erwin

“ORA-00942 -Table or view does not exist”. This is the error get trying to reverse-engineer two table spaces in my Oracle 10g database server. Thanks to the following link. I was able to resolve this.

Nothing is wrong with Erwin or the Oracle database or it’s connections. It’s a matter of offering the right privileged user’s username/password to retrieve objects owned by a specific user.

I had setup two TNS entries, one to each server. The two users/databases I have are PBX and Clients. I was using these instead of my system user account.

This is what I did to do it wrong:

  • Tools | Reverse Engineer
  • Template: Option: Physical; Database: Oracle 10.x
  • Set Options:
    • From: Database
    • Items: Default Option Set
    • Tables/Views Owned By: PBX
      • I didn’t want to include Clients, although I could, because I didn’t want to combine the Clients and PBX database in to the same Erwin schema.
    • All else default
  • Oracle connection:
    • Login: system/password
    • Connect string: TNS name to connect to

Once this was all set, I repeated for the other databases and servers. Again, I wasn’t providing the username and password that had enough rights to gather details. Any special tables only available to the system user would error.

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