Blackberry 8100 – Using Multiple Emails

I have five (5) emails setup in my Blackberry 8100 phone and I had a problem having the primary email account saved and able to use it.

First I setup the emails by:

  1. accessing to the Setup Internet E-mail from the menu
  2. click on Email Accounts
  3. For every email account, I repeated the process of Add An Email Account and supplied the appropriate settings.

My first email became my default email account which was my personal email account. The next three emails were more personal emails and the last was for business. I wanted the business email to be the primary, so I tried to set it using the following commands.

  1. Menu
  2. Options
  3. Advanced Options
  4. Message Services
  5. Select the desired email to be the primary.
  6. Press the return button (not the power/hangup button)
  7. Click Save (if you didn’t get the option to save, return to the menu and make sure it’s saved)
  8. Send an email to test that it came from your new default email.

If this didn’t work. Which for me it didn’t, I decided to shutdown my phone, by pressing and holding the Power/Hangup button for more than 5 seconds and then turned the phone back on, by doing the same with the Power/Hangup button.

I tested another email and it worked. Hope this helps you.

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