The E Center Changes its Name

Maverik CenterLast week, there was news that The E Center has changed it’s name. The E Center will now be known as The Maverik Center. I am personally very excited about this. It has a great ring to it, even though The E Center name has been around longer than The Energy Solutions Arena, the new name will help keep them from being confused. The Maverik stores have done well in Utah and blend well with the Desert, Outdoors, Activity based atmosphere of the state.

Regarding the name change, people are always up in arms about change and there are two sides of the coin on this; some like the corporate names and some would rather have them stay the name originally given to it. Some like the corporate names because the venue has better exposer, recongnition, and support; however, it can lead the venu to appear to be a big franchise amidst the community and looking more corporate. Taking on a private, neighborhood name makes the venue blend into the neighborhood with a style and “close to home” ownership of a personal, private, and community owned event center.

Which is better? Promoting and advertising a corporate business entity receiving corporate backing, name, and brand recognition. Or promoting a community, neighborhood, and family event center, with a risk of greater attention.

This also means that I have a new title, as “The Head Photographer of The Maverik Center”.

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