SVN Revert

Ever have one of those days when everything turned upside down on your coding commits into SVN and you felt it would be best to rollback all your changes to a previous revision? That’s possible in SVN, but it may not be as clear about how to do as you might think, or have found out. After finding a great article response about clarifying some of the features in SVN, I was able to complete my need to revert the code to a previous version. Thanks to Simon Large, who appears to be a contributor to SVN.Tigris. Because the article is aging, I wanted to create a new, more recent article that confirms the definition and steps to complete a “rollback” to a previous version.

Most of my information comes from this article, but I want to add my take on it and personal experience to enhance it. This information describes using the commands in the TortoiseSVN user interface.


Two types of actions to complete reverts in TortoiseSVN, are “Update to Revision” and “Revert to Revision”.

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