Concert: No Doubt

In May 2009, the band No Doubt, featuring Gwen Stefani performed a magnificent concert at The E Center in West Valley City, Utah. They put on a great show. The band started the night with a white curtain draped in front of the stage to hide the equipment and it lent well to the surprise. The stage was completely white, including the floor, backdrop and even the drums, keyboards, stands, and including the band members.  The final appearance that topped it off were the touches of black trim everywhere as accents. It was a great show.

No Doubt
Gwen Stefani of No Doubt

Gwen Stefani came out in a traditional No Doubt punk outfit, which was of course a separation from her traditional trendy outfits of her solo singing career. I happen to love both, but the sounds and music of No Doubt has always brought out the memories of their great times together.

I was hearing nothing but great things about the upcoming concert and how excited everybody was to see it. There were a large number of people that were jealous of my attending the concert and I assured them that it would as great as they thought it would be, and as great as I knew it would be. =)

That same group of people did not blink an eye at the fact they hadn’t produced a new album and that they were doing the concert on shear respect of the band and their old songs. There was no doubt (pun intended) that they put on a great show and did justice to every aspiration.

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