Multiple Excel spreadhseet instances

In recent versions of windows there exists the option to group your applications on the taskbar. Also, in Excel, there exists the option to group your windows in one instance of Excel so that 15 Excel spreadsheets can fit in one Excel applcation instead of 15 different Excel apps. Clutter!

Sometimes, when two Excel spreadsheets need to be compared side by side on two different screens it’s you need to get it back and forth but can’t remember. This is how you do it. It’s for my sake to remember too. =)

1) Open Excel
2) Go to Tools | Options
3) Click on the View tab
4) Tick the Windows In Taskbar checkbox
5) Click OK, close Excel and reopen

Open two spreadsheets and you will now have two instances. Unfortnately, it’s not smart enough to do this at a preset range, like, if you have more than four (4) spreadsheets. Who’s going to compare more than four side-by-side.

I mentioned at the beginning that there is a recent option that Windows will do the same grouping on the Taskbar. Follow this post for Ungrouping Taskbar Applications.

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