Improving your economic standing

How do you plan on living now and in the future? Do you have a new strategy. I have put together what I consider to be some tome points of interest to help you find peace in your life.

Starting a Business?

In today’s economy we there are many new business sprouting up. This is actually one of the best times to start a business. There are many perks that the government is offering, like SBA loans, and Government contracts. It can take a while to get them landed, but are important enough to seek after. There are also many other perks like low overhead, lots of training for cheap, many products for free or cheap. More opportunities than there have been normally.

What hasn’t or can’t change … knowledge, organization, determination, committment, and any other intangibles. Probably the most important key though is financial smarts. Now, you may say, “of course, that’s a no brainer”. In actuality, it’s not a “no brainer”. We wouldn’t be finding ourselves struggling so much. So if you are a struggling business person or a savy, well-off business person, or someone that wants to get into business, this is one area that you can start, or improve, or keep doing correctly. This will in no means serve you wrong. You will learn many important things new or not. But don’t ignore it because you will find yourself clearly ahead of the pack.

Business Sense

Business to business relationships are important to uphold. Many times I have seen business and individuals that fail to do the most common, basic skills of a successful entrepreneur.

  • Communicate – don’t leave anyone hanging, even if you don’t feel like talking to them because of some ill feeling, lack of accomplishment, or something that makes you say “I don’t want to talk to them”. Do it, it’s your business, it’s your client. It’s your feduciary responsibility.
  • Commit – be commmitted to your work. Try at all costs to complete your projects, set in motion the next step to finishing a project or task. One strategy I use is delegation by proxy. Put on somone elses plate something that needs to get done but that you don’t have to do yourself.
  • Pay people and businesses – pay people and business for their services and products. It’s easy to create costs and profits with tangible products. It’s a lot harder and more work with services. But understand tha it’s not just products that cost money, it’s knowledge, understanding, and time. Stop being stingy and pay people. What goes out will come back. That dosn’t mean just throw it away and not make good decisions, it means that if you’ve done your homework to find out if a service or product is worth your time, you’ll use it and benefit, don’t expect to have it for free. This is probably the most important piece, save your money, but don’t be stingy about it either. You need to be willing to give it away too, so don’t under-estimate the power of donations. Make good decisions about giving it to people and organizations that are making a difference and have these same qualities and convictions.
  • Be happy – make a difference, do things, don’t sulk and sit around not doing anything. The TV, the Internet, and other non productive activites should be avoided. I’m not saying that they should be cut out at all … I mean that you have to decide if your current activity is productive and good for something. If you surfing and killing time, and it can’t be categorized under any of the following topics, then you should probably avoid doing it:
    • Is it making you money
    • Could it make you money
    • Is it for educational learning
    • Is it for skill building
    • Will it help you with finding or enhancing your job
    • Will it improve your family happiness
    • Is is part of your allotted down-time (relaxation)
    • Does it have to do with home, personal, family, or job improvement
  • Get involved with church or other organization that has a belief system. This motivation, support, and service can be something to help fill in the gaps, get your mind of other things, and give some well needed relaxation.
  • Don’t just go off and spend money, go on trips, or do lavish things. Even if you have tons of money. It’s not healthy. Too much of a good thing can overcome and overwhelm you and mind find yourself doing and saying things that you regret.

If any of these things are not true, you should not continue your current course.


In order to get your career, love life, family life, or other back on track follow some of these point … they have helped me to continue forward and get certain aspects of my life back on track.

Do you have any other comments, pointers, or concerns about how we can overcome, excel in, and approach challenges in our current state of concern economically? We’d love to hear it.

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