Alianza, Inc.

Company: Alianza, Inc.

Opportunity: Executive marketing photos (web link)

Location: Lindon, Utah

As a frontrunner in the hosted voice platform for VoIP technology Alianza’s focus is towards up and coming WiMAX service providers and any third-party companies can be create businesses that host VoIP platforms with little to no capital expenditure. The photos help the executive team have a greater web presence.

Alianza’s hosted voice platform allows WiMAX service providers to quickly add a voice offering to their broadband service—with no capital expenditure. Alianza offers both residential and business class features. Core platform components are unified into a single interface, providing a seamless back-office experience. Alianza’s proprietary technology, built from the ground up, provides a cost effective and customizable platform. Alianza’s customers increase market share and margin by deploying a fully integrated voice solution.

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