Conficker Virus

This virus is rather nasty. It has been deemed one of the worst virus’ since the SQL Slammer of 2003. Which in similar fashion will flood networks with requests that then cause systems to perform much slower. Some actions you can take to protect your systems is to make sure you have the latest Microsoft security patches and updates. There is no information that this virus infects or has any problems with UBUNTU or MAC systems, but there is no more clear warning than to make sure you have all the latest updates to your software and antivirus databases.

Researchers at eEye Digital Security have built a Conficker detection software that can be installed and run on your machines and network to see if any systems are compromised or vulnerable to Conficker. Be sure you download and run this utility on your system as an extra precaution. Download the software here (

There is no beginning or ending date identified that a system could be infected; so it’s imperitive to always have your system up to date. The most frequent time to update a system is, if not daily, then weekly. By visiting here, you can obtain a discount on BitDefender on our main site at (

Microsoft, as of February 2009, is offering a $250,000 reward for information that leads to the conviction of the people that have built and distribute this virus. This is a great incentive to signal to the technical community to find out who is doing this. If we all take the initiative to find out what we can and let the authorities know, we can help make the digital community much safer, reliable, and fun.

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