TwilightMoms City Movie Festival

If you had the opportunity to to see the Twilight Movie screening a few days ago it was a great date with the wife or significant other. put on a huge city movie festival and the outcome was extraordinary. The committee wanted capture the energy and excitement in Salt Lake City, Utah. There were tons of calls and emails flooding the committee members houses to accept the invitations to the event that were easily sold out. This has come to be the biggest Twilight City Movie Festival anywhere. This was organized by fans, supported by fans, and enjoyed by more than just fans.

You might be surprised by the outcome, but the details and the numbers will definitely show off the glitter of the event.

The Outcome

Many of the vendors said it was the biggest and best fan reunion and event that they have seen. In the previous day the vendors had attended the initial midnight madness viewing (the 12:00 AM release) by the movie theater and said that the TwilightMoms City Movie Festival was better than any other that they had seen. “It dwarfed any other efforts”. The movie was thrilling and extremely intense.

The event, was a big bite!

What are the numbers

Tickets were sold to the general public; advertised and promoted through It started out with reserving one 583 capacity movie theater, and it sold out in two months. A decision was made to reserve another 350 capacity theater which sold out in one month.

The public could buy a ticket to the movie; on top of that purchase they could buy a goody bag of movie-centric articles.

  • Ticket sold: 930
  • Since it was open to the public about 1,000 people came through
  • Summit sent 1,000 promotional posters
  • Goody bags were given to each TwilightMoms ticket holder
    • Volvo gave 250 custom Twilight keychains
    • Mercedes gave 250 keychains
    • BMW gave 250 keychains
    • Jeep gave 250 keychains
  • Auto Vendors and Sponsors
    • Alex’s Lemonade Stand
    • Utah Food Bank
    • Grizzlies

Many, many more vendors and sponsors were included in the event and they supplied a lot of advertisement goodies.

Days Ago

(Comments from Tuesday, Nov 18, 2008) As the day approaches for the movie release on Friday of this week, the committee at has put together a special event for the movie here in Salt Lake City, Utah. To be held on Friday, November 21st, 2008 at 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

As a side note … is a web site where “moms”, or older ladies 21 and above love to talk about the book and unite to share their feelings and information. This website wanted have a large event and bring many of those website members and others together to enjoy the occasion. And they will be hosting the event at The District theaters in Sandy, Utah.

There will be upwards of 1,000+ people that have paid to attend this special screening event. This will be much different than just going to see the movie by yourself or with just a few friends. Two screens have been rented to show the movie just to this paying group. Being able to see a movie with not just a couple of friends, they will be seeing with a lot of friends that know each other. If you ever wondered if someone sitting next to you is known by someone else in the theater, it’s definitely true here.

Vendor Exposure

The event has caught the attention of Summit Entertainment and many advertisers in the valley. It was the intent of the committee to bring many things from the book to life, so there will be the likes of Volvo, Mercedes, and BWM, and Jeep that will be showcased as represented from the book. Del Sol, the company that manufactures clothes and other wear that changes when exposed to the sun … ooooh aahh.

The purchasers will receive not only a ticket to the movie with their friends, but a grab bag of goodies from many of the vendors and sponsors.

Prize Drawings

Many prizes have been offered to event goers like:

Come a check it out, even if you don’t have a ticket. Open to the public, as long as the fire marshal doesn’t shut it down.

Fund Raising

And one can’t leave out probably the most important type of opportunity and that is fund raising. There will be some very special people there that have some “life-ties” to the book. Please help out these fund-raising companies as you see possible.

What an event this will be.

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