Twilight Movie Screening

Or should I say, Twilight Screaming. I was of course one of the few men in the theater to see the movie and I KNOW that the others were, the radio station manager, a movie reviewer from and the other supportive husbands of the committee members at I was caught up in the overpowering energy and tingling excitement of the tweeners in the room. I thought there might be more young girls at the movie, but there was a surprising amount of older girls.

I wasn’t really thrilled about seeing Robert Pattinson because I have been a little put off from his awkwardness, but that seems to be the charming characteristic found by others. Let’s say my likeability scale was a 4 out of 10. But after seeing the movie and how that awkwardness worked out on the screen, I came to appreciate his performance in the movie. This makes his unkempt hair, his brass remarks, and his trepidous actions a lot more tollerable and understood.

The Movie

The Movie. It’s not my desire to reveal or spoil any of the movie. So, don’t ask, I won’t do it. I just want to give a subjective preview, by a standard guy who hasn’t read the books; for all those, especially the guys, to sum up … it’s within your ability, and especially the support of your wife or girlfriend to see and appreciate the movie. It’s good, and aside from the small points I mention further along in the review, are allowed to be unpolished because of the lack of backing by investors, and it’s the colossal support that will drive this “B” budget movie into the the “A” fame.

There were a lot of women there, I think the men (at least the ones that are still married) were there to support their wives (which is a wise decision I might add). Not a lot of younger people, under 21. There were more that appeared to be 21 and older, maybe an average age of 25-35.

I wondered at times if it was a huge mistake that I forgot my ear plugs. I do know that while holding my wife’s hand during the movie I had to remind her to let go to get my blood circulating.

The Good

It was great. I haven’t read the books, but liked it a lot. There was a lot of action, very intense at times, lots of energy. Didn’t seem like a chick flick. There was some great humor and action. I did like that the movie was shot with less color saturation than normal. It made it feel old and dark, nice. The dialog was witty and logical. I like that tangents weren’t going on for minutes on end.

I actually was not too keen of Edward, at least as he was being presented in photo/print. But after seeing the movie, he made it work. It’s something that I had to grow into as the movie went on. I was worried I wouldn’t like him, at all, but was pleasantly surprised.

The Bad

There were a couple of places that the movie was cheesy. There were a few action shots that were not quite complete. Some of the conversations went by quickly, so it took me a few minutes to catch up. And if I wasn’t careful, I almost missed some parts working on the conversation just prior.

One part of the movie, and you’ll know which one it is when you see it, was not handled quite right. You’ll know which sparkly spot I’m talking about, but it wasn’t dramatic enough.

The Ugly

Some of the jumps were telepathed and didn’t look smooth. Camera movement was jumpy, similar to the Bourne movies where you got a little dizzy watching things fly by (although I loved it in the Bourne movies because that was the intent). Some of the dialog was the same way, flying by; I had to turn to my wife and ask why something happened, when she told me, it made sense … but wasn’t intuitive enough. Not in a lot of parts, but a few key ones.


Overall, see the movie, it’s worth it. If you’ve read the books, some things will make a lot of sense. It was a good movie because I like non-boring, always intense, on the edge-of-my-seat action. I didn’t notice that there was much of a love-story going on, which was a good thing, so it didn’t feel like a chick flick.

Stephani Meyer “and company” did a great job getting the movie done and telling a good story. I am intrigued for another. Having seen a lot of movies, I feel that it is

SnapJag opinion…

  1. I want to see it in the theater; after seeing it, I’d see it in the theater again.
  2. I want to see it in the theater; would buy the DVD.
  3. I want to see it in the theater; would rent it again.
  4. I want to see it in the theater; and won’t see it again.
  5. I will wait till it comes out on DVD; should’ve seen it in the theater.
  6. I will wait till it comes out on DVD; buy it.
  7. I will wait till it comes out on DVD; would see it again once in a while.
  8. I will wait till it comes out on DVD; wouldn’t see it again.
  9. I will wait till it comes out on DVD; never got around to it.
  10. Don’t want to see it at all; saw it, liked it.
  11. Don’t want to see it at all; saw it, waste of time.
  • My rating is 3.

SnapJag Scale… a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest)

  • I would give it a 7.

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