Blackberry 8100 Delete Multiple Emails

I have been trying to remove multiple emails on the Blackberry 8100 since I started using my first one and finally found a solution. I don’t like sitting for hours and removing hundreds of emails that can be examined later on my desktop. I want to get at what’s important at the moment and move on.

It wasn’t very obvious, but I did slap my forehead once I found it. I am so excited to have found this new method, I’m sure it’ll help you too.

Here’s how to do it … while in email:

  1. put your cursor on a Date Group Header
  2. click the track ball
  3. access the Full Menu
  4. scroll to the top of the menu
  5. click on the menu option Delete Prior

This will remove all emails prior to, and including the Date Group Header.

Nice! Now you don’t have to sit there for hours and remove every single email on your Blackberry 8100. This option may be available for others, but I don’t have others to try.

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