ORA-00911 invalid character

I am using .NET 2005 and the Oracle 10g 10.2 Oracle .NET data framework and I received this error while trying to run a simple statement that is used to find out how many dedicated processes are being used in my Oracle database (“select count(server) as Value, Server from v$session group by server”). Something similar to ActiveConnections in the SQL .NET SMO environment. This happened with both Oracle .Net Data Framework Assembly and the Microsoft SQL OLEDB Assembly.

I figured I would write it like I normal in SQLPlus using the “;” (semicolon) similar to any other statement. But No! It doesn’t like it. I’m sure there are other “invalid characters”, but I haven’t taken the time to find out what all of them. You you know of any and want to list them here I would be greatful.

I figured this might be enough to start the thread and because others would most likely think a common character like that wouldn’t be “invalid”, hmmm, but … it is! Hope it helps.

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