Concert: Matchbox Twenty

On Thursday, I went to photograph the Matchbox Twenty concert at The E Center. It was one of the best concerts I’ve been to. The MB20 concert was packed with people, a sellout crowd. Rob Thomas is a great artist and I have grown to appreciate his music more having seen him interact with the audience, and put on a great show.

Opening for MB20 was Allanis Morisett. With due respect, she is a great singer, but has some odd habits. It was hard to photograph her because she created this traveling track from one corner of the stage to the other in a v-shape with a pivot point in the middle of the stage. She would go forward to one corner of the stage and backup to the pivot point, pivot, and go to the other corner, backing up again to the pivot point and repeating this over and over. I eventually had to just stay to one side of the stage and wait until her pattern met backup up with me and I could take her photo.

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