Blackberry Pearl 8100 OS Upgrade

This link ( will give those that own the Blackberry Pearl 8100 Smart PDA the opportunity to upgrade their operating system. I did the update last night and I’ve been happy so far with the process, which went off without a hitch, and the visible adjustments to make the already great BB experience look good, are even better.

This is an upgrade from version to Get the numbers from your BB at Menu | Options | About.

A few of the changes, for me at least, that impact me, will be reviewed here.

New Display Layout

I love the new menu layout. It’s great to not have to go down a big long menu to get to the things at the bottom. Now, the menu layout is in a grid format and you can go sideways and up-and-down like the old blackberry. It’s great. If you haven’t done the upgrade yet, do it!

Jabra Bluetooth

I bought the Jabra BT5020 headset and it’s been kinda flaky. It starts off working for about 5-10 seconds clear and strong, but then quickly dies to nothing. There’s static, the call breaks up … the reason for bringing it up, is that I couldn’t get my Jabra to work very well and the upgrade notes indicate “improved Bluetooth functionality”. Well, I’ll try it out and let you know.


This Jabra Bluetooth BT5020 is not working very well. I wouldn’t recommend it. It might work with other phones, but the test I’ve done and the upgrade I’ve done hasn’t helped at all.

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